About Life, Game, and Gaming Addiction

Bluenlive.net – A lot of parents worry about the effects of gaming addiction on youngsters and teenagers. Here are the 5 most common things that you ought to know about video games.

An increase in emotional and behavioral disorder symptoms. Youngsters who are addicted to video games are unable to express their emotions decently. They utilize video game as an outlet to vent their frustration. They are denied the correct outlet to express their emotions. Moreover, when away from the video games, they tend to become more nervous or irritable.

There’s a decline in verbal memory performance and there are attention problems like hyperactivity ADD or ADHD.  Youngsters are unable to pay attention to normal daily stuff as it may be boring as compared to video games.

Damaging school performance. Gaming addiction causes a decline in schoolwork. Youngsters don’t spend time studying or doing their homework because they are too busy playing their video games. Moreover from the lack of sleep from playing the video game, they’re more likely to be falling asleep in class.

Less family interaction. Playing video games or PC the whole day reduces family interaction. This likewise  results in less positive parental relations. The youngster becomes withdrawn and isolated from the family. As they grow up, they are unable to construct healthy relationships with the individuals around them as they are unable to express their emotions well.

Lastly, there are medical complications from gaming addiction. You might get carpal tunnel syndrome, back ache, neck ache or headache. In addition, your eyesight might get worse from being in front of the monitor so much.

So now that you know all this. It’s time to put away the video and PC games. GO outside to get a breath of fresh air. It’s time to reclaim your life!

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